Ashoka Paris presents the first French high leather goods bag in apple

Ashoka Paris, a new eco-responsible and vegan high-end leather goods brand, presents the first French handbag made from a revolutionary apple-based material.

Paris, April 24: Launched at Veggie World held in Paris in early April, ASHOKA Paris presented its first fall-winter 2018-2019 collection. On this occasion, the young brand took the opportunity to unveil a prototype bag made from a bio-sourced material, the apple.

ASHOKA Paris, a committed brand

ASHOKA Paris offers high-end bags and accessories, made from materials that are not of animal origin. A committed brand, it wishes to donate part of its profits to animal defense associations.

ASHOKA Paris is committed to respecting animal life , to safeguarding the environment and to the dignity and health of human beings .

ASHOKA Paris, an eco-responsible brand

The vegan eco-nappa that is used for the first collection comes from the Milan region. This material, which is much more respectful of the environment than traditional leather, has an exceptional feel: its appearance and quality are similar to very beautiful natural leather. It has proven itself both in terms of its resistance and its durability.

For the interior of its bags, ASHOKA Paris uses a fabric lining made from recycled plastic bottles (PET) .

APPLE SKIN, a credible alternative to animal leather

“We started with a biosourced material, also called APPLE SKIN .

It is produced from the skin of apples that grow in the orchards of Bolzano, in northern Italy.

Dried and reduced to powder, it is then sent to a factory in Florence to be transformed into APPLE SKIN.

This innovative material resulting from the recycling of waste from the food industry is a real alternative to animal leather,” explains Gwenaëlle Ferlicot, co-founder of the brand.

In the continuity of its collection made in eco-responsible materials, ASHOKA Paris wishes from the start of the school year to offer the first French line of fine leather goods in apple.

Heat resistant, breathable and waterproof, the material is in the testing phase. Once the trial has proven conclusive, the brand will offer a new line of bags and accessories made from this 100% vegan and 100% innovative material!


Note to journalists:

Decree No. 2010-29 of January 8, 2010 strictly frames the term “leather” as being obtained from animal skin by means, in particular, of tanning.

The text also prohibits the use of the terms "leather style", "imitation leather", "imitation leather", "faux leather"... to designate any material other than that obtained from tanned animal skin (professionals must specify whether they are synthetic materials, textiles or other materials).