We are a couple in their forties from Paris, Gwenaëlle and Frédéric, we created Ashoka Paris with the desire to shake up the lines of traditional luxury by creating a brand of fine leather goods, eco-responsible and vegan.

As a couple for more than 10 years, we had the idea of ​​Ashoka Paris in 2017. The brand was presented to the public in April 2018 during Veggie World and then supported by a participatory launch (KissKissBankBank). This operation was a great success and allowed us to officially launch our brand and our 1st collection which consisted of timeless bags and accessories, refined in a Parisian spirit.

Gwenaëlle , a lifelong animal lover, carries the project. When she became a vegetarian, thanks to the action of the animal protection association L214, she naturally decided to no longer buy leather and realized the difficulty of finding beautiful bags without animal material.

By moving towards a vegan lifestyle, the idea of ​​creating a cruelty-free brand was born and Ashoka Paris was born.

Frédéric is a born entrepreneur who founded his first web company 19 years ago. His mind is always in turmoil and he loves new challenges.

Sensitized to the animal cause with his partner Gwenaëlle, he brings his knowledge of entrepreneurship and the internet, as well as his creativity to the service of Ashoka Paris, it is also he who designed the first models.

Marilyn , our eternal muse love.