The materials we use have a lower impact on the environment than materials from animal husbandry.
Our collections are mainly made from bio-based materials (mushrooms, apples and cereals).
Our imitation suede (microsuede) is made from recycled plastic bottles.
We have chosen to use lining for the inside of our bags and accessories, which is also made from recycled plastic bottles.
For our metal accessories and clasps, we use brass and zamak.


Mylo™ is a sustainable leather alternative made from mycelium, the underground root-like structure of mushrooms. Soft, durable, and animal-free, Mylo™ has undergone over 5,000 iterations to provide the beloved properties of leather without the environmental impact. The mycelium used to make Mylo™️ is grown in less than two weeks inside a vertical farming facility powered by 100% renewable electricity.

This innovative material is currently in the design studios and stores of iconic global companies. Mylo™ was created by Bolt Threads, a material solutions company based in Berkeley, California.
With nature as inspiration, Bolt invents and scales materials for the apparel, footwear, and beauty industries that put us on a path towards a more sustainable future.
Visit to explore the material that started a “mushroom leather” revolution.
Mylo™ is a material made of 85% mycelium and 15% recycled fiber (lyocell) coated with water- based polyurethane. The fine fibers of the mycelium give Mylo™ a soft feel, high quality texture, and sufficient strength like genuine leather.

ASHOKA Paris is proud to be the first French brand to offer products made from this new mycelium-based plant alternative.

apple waste

Since April 2018, we have been using APPLE SKIN™️ in our creations, an innovative and biosourced material.

It is produced from apple waste that grows in the orchards of Bolzano in northern Italy. Dried and reduced to powder, it is then sent to a factory in Florence to be transformed into APPLE SKIN™️.

A first in France; an apple handbag!

In April 2018, during the launch of Ashoka Paris at Veggie World, we had unveiled the 1st French bag made of Apple Skin; the Eclipse model. 

Cereal based

The Bio-Nappa we use in our sneakers is made from cereals. PETA approved and cruelty free, our Bio-Nappa is derived from plant resources.

The material is obtained through the use of bio-polyols from non-food, non-GMO grains, combined with textiles from natural or recycled materials.

The use of certified raw materials guarantees its composition: FSC certified viscose or GRS certified recycled polyester.

Recycled microsuede

This is a recycled polyester-based material (61%) with a soft, velvety feel and a stunning appearance.

Recycled lining

For the inside of our bags and wallets, we have opted for a fabric lining made from PET, which comes from the recycling of plastic bottles.

The collected bottles are taken to collective sorting centres where they are regenerated into granules. These granules are returned to the industrial circuit to be transformed into new plastic bottles or, as in our case, into linings for bags and wallets.

On average, it takes 2 to 3 PET bottles to make one of our bags.


This is a polyurethane which, although synthetic, is a more environmentally friendly material than materials of animal origin.
Its feel, look and quality are exceptional. Eco-nappa has proven itself both in terms of resistance and durability.


Do not use chemicals on your Ashoka Paris bag, wallet or belt.

Clean your eco-nappa (leatherette) or Apple Skin bag, wallet or belt with a damp cloth, or even with slightly soapy water.

For micro suede models, you can scrub with a soft, damp brush, such as a crepe brush.