The materials we use, whether PU or apple waste, have a lower impact on the environment than materials from livestock.

We have chosen to use a lining made from recycled bottle plastic for the inside of our bags and wallets.

Regarding our metal accessories and our clasps, we use brass as well as zamak.

ECO-NAPPA (imitation leather) Eco nappa vegan

It is a polyurethane which, although synthetic, is a material that is more respectful for the environment than materials of animal origin.

Its feel, appearance and quality are exceptional. Eco-nappa has proven itself both in terms of its resistance and its durability.

MICROSUEDE (faux suede)

It is a polyurethane material with a soft and velvety touch with a stunning appearance.

RECYCLED LINING For the interior of our bags and wallets, we have opted for a fabric lining made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which comes from the recycling of plastic bottles.

The bottles collected are transported to collective sorting centers where they are regenerated into pellets. These granules go back into the industrial circuit to be transformed there, either into new bottles or as in our case, into lining for bags and wallets.

It takes on average 2 to 3 PET bottles to make one of our bags.


Do not use chemicals on your Ashoka Paris bag, wallet or belt.

Clean your eco-nappa (faux leather) bag, wallet or belt with a damp cloth, or even slightly soapy water .

For models in micro suede (faux suede) you can scrub with a soft, damp brush, such as a crepe brush .