Ashoka Paris, an ethical, eco-responsible and vegan fashion brand.

Parisian inspiration

Our offices are located in Paris and it is this magical city that inspires us.

A responsible commitment

Inspired by nature and sensitive to all the lives around us, we created Ashoka Paris determined to make it a committed brand, respectful of people, animals and the planet.

Convinced that ethical fashion is possible, we do not use any animal materials such as wool, silk or leather and prefer innovative, biosourced or recycled materials.

ASHOKA Paris donates part of its profits to animal defense associations.

Zero animal suffering

No products of animal origin are used in the manufacturing of our items. We use innovative materials that are ecological and resistant.

Why Ashoka Paris?

Ashoka was the greatest emperor of ancient India and the first vegetarian emperor. Following the horrors experienced during his warlike conquests, he became aware of the value of life.

During his reign, he decided to no longer kill animals on his land. He thus spared the lives of hundreds of thousands of animals, which until then had been killed daily for their meat.

“Any animal must not be fed to another”

By caring for people and animals, he changed the mentalities of his time.