Rendez-vous between the brushes of Adelaide and the vegan fashion of ASHOKA PARIS

ASHOKA PARIS launches a collection of faux leather jackets for men and women.

We wanted to favor local production and we found a manufacturing workshop in Paris, endowed with great know-how. We wanted to create a line of jackets, always with our same values, respect for animal life, people and the environment, and we also wanted there to be touches of originality, those little details that make all the difference. In particular, an interior label, designed by a Parisian artist, the illustrator Adélaïde Julg.

Here is his portrait.

What is the path that led you to become an illustrator?

I always wanted to do art but I didn't know what. I did a literary baccalaureate with a plastic arts option, that's where I discovered my “talent”. I groped for a few years without finding a sector that was not artistic enough for me. I took a gap year during which I did civic service in a city in Toulon. I had a small sketchbook and I illustrated everything I saw. That's when I said to myself “that's what I want to do: illustration. » I returned to Paris and I finally found my way: I did three years of graphic design. And to really be able to express my creativity, I set up on my own as a freelancer. It was in October 2020. I work for various companies but also individuals, both in illustration and in pure graphic design (layouts, graphic charters, logos).

What is your favorite technique?

At first, I mainly did watercolours. But since I've been freelancing, my clients mostly ask me for printed drawings, so I work a lot on a graphics tablet, even if it's still done by hand, with my stylus.

What themes inspire you in particular?

I like to illustrate architectures, castles, houses… I like to draw straight lines. Inspiration comes from everywhere around me, I like to draw what I see, I don't like to take an unreal model or come out of my imagination. I also like to do illustrations that are more youth-oriented. The hedgehog is a bit like my mascot: I have created a series of "hericards" where I draw hedgehogs, "herimaisons", they are in a situation in the bath, in the kitchen...

How did you find out about ASHOKA PARIS?

I knew ASHOKA PARIS because I have a fixed mission for a French clothing manufacturer, which works with ASHOKA PARIS. I help them do the graphics that we do on the clothes. That's how I met Frédéric, while making his jackets.

How did the idea of ​​making an illustration for ASHOKA PARIS come about?

Frédéric saw my drawings on Instagram. And in particular, after my year in Toulon, when I came back to Paris, I painted and published a watercolor in which I wrote “Paris, here I am again”. He really liked this drawing and asked me if it was possible to do the same thing longer. So I drew a street in Paris for ASHOKA PARIS.

And you chose to paint rue Monge.

Yes, it's an inspiration from rue Monge where I live. I love the district... in the Haussmann style. I find this street very beautiful, I like to walk there with my nose in the air to look at all the buildings.

What did you like about this project?

Already, it allowed me to redo watercolour. I like having my hands in the paint and it's more spontaneous, I spend less time wondering if I have to redo a line. It is more manual work. And I like drawing buildings, making lots of little windows, lots of details. I made a frieze that is about 40 cm, on two A4 sheets. I really acted as if I was in front, I drew in 2D so that everything was flat and to align the buildings along the length.

What I also appreciated was that Frédéric asked me to film myself while I was drawing. I filmed in fast motion small parts of my work and I could see myself drawing, it was an experience that I had never known. It was fun, I felt like I put the color on in two seconds. It was a nice experience.

What is the originality of the project?

The street will be cut into four labels which will be affixed to four models of jackets, which will thus reconstitute the painting. I was a little annoyed when it was necessary to cut because I didn't wonder where to cut and I drew characters. But we succeeded.