Because animals are sentient beings, because our ecosystem is in danger and humans are not spared, all our bags and accessories are eco-responsible , vegan and PETA certified .

For the respect of animal life

We love animals alive. We do not endorse animal husbandry, whether for meat or skin, which is why in our collections we do not use any animal materials and prefer to work with innovative materials made from apple waste and plastic from recycled bottles. The challenge is all the more interesting.

For the protection of the environment

global deforestation

We all know today that livestock farming is the cause of serious environmental problems: greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation in the Amazon, water pollution.

By refusing to use materials from livestock we reduce our impact on the environment.

For the dignity and health of human beings

tannery in dhaka bangladesh

In some parts of the world, people who work for tanneries or live near them develop illnesses from exposure to chemicals. For example, in Bangladesh, it is estimated that 90% of workers in this industry, some of whom are minors, will never exceed the age of 50*. (*source One Voice).