Kromatik: our new colorful collection!

Discover our brand new Kromatik line!

A colorful, vibrant, stylized and current collection that carries our values: the love of leather craftsmanship and respect for the planet and all those who live on it 🌱🐄 🌍

The Kromatik collection displays an aesthetic that is both elegant and relaxed.

She subtly mixes triangular and slightly rounded shapes, for bags with varied styles and functions and generous volumes.

Its signature, a pretty faceted Fox zipper is a tailor-made creation for this unique collection.

The Kromatik line, imagined in collaboration with our designer, David Mateo, consists of five different bags available in two versions, Full Apple Skin or Recycled Nylon + Apple Skin and offered in 8 colors to choose from 🌈

We told you, there will be something FOR ALL TASTES!!! 💞