Happy birthday, Kate! What a gift PETA sent the Duchess of Cambridge!

By Margarita S, PETA UK, January 8, 2020

In honor of the Duchess of Cambridge's birthday on January 9, PETA sent her a bag from French eco-fashion brand Ashoka Paris, one of the winners of the 2019 PETA Fashion Awards for its eco-friendly bags and accessories. the planet.

This gift follows the launch of the Earthshot Prize, initiated by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to encourage the development of solutions to the climate crisis - an urgent problem to which the leather industry contributes significantly.

PETA hopes this gift will encourage the Duchess to make conscious, animal-friendly wardrobe choices and inspire her many fans to do the same.

The bag is made of apple "leather" - an eco-friendly and 100% vegan material derived from apple skins. This innovative material, created by recycling food waste, has a much lower environmental impact than animal leather.

The leather industry is fueling the climate crisis

As the Australian bush burns, many blame climate change for exacerbating wildfires. But what is fueling the climate crisis? According to the United Nations, animal agriculture is responsible for a greater proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transport combined.

The leather industry has a devastating impact on the Earth. These range from carbon emissions produced by raising cows, sheep or other animals, to toxic tanneries that pollute waterways and expose workers to excessive amounts of chemicals, including arsenic.

Studies find that leather is the most polluting material in the fashion industry.

Cows deserve better

Cows raised for their hides undergo castration, branding, dehorning and tail docking before being skinned and dismembered, sometimes while still conscious.

Footage shot on Brazilian ranches provides insight into the terror and pain inflicted on cows who are killed for their skin and meat:

Want to fight the climate crisis and help cows? Choose vegan fashion!

Vegan accessories made from materials like apple leather are good for the planet and animals. Never buy, wear or use items made with animal leather.

Please also urge the British Fashion Council, organizer of London Fashion Week, to introduce a leather and fur ban at all its events: https://secure.peta.org.uk/page/30061/action/1