Since the beginning of the Ashoka Paris adventure, we have wanted to source the most ecological materials possible.
We believed in the Apple Skin and, 4 years ago, we were the first in France to present a bag in this biosourced material, it was a black Eclipse bag.

🍎 What is the Apple Skin?

Apple Skin is a material made from waste apples grown for the food industry in the Bolzano region in northern Italy.
The residues are recovered, dried and then reduced to powder.

The latter is sent to a factory located in Florence where it is coagulated with PU and then coated on a cotton and polyester base. The rendering is just stunning.

It is this revolutionary material that made Pamela Anderson want to co-create a capsule collection with us.

♻️ What is RPET?

RPET comes mainly from the recycling of plastic bottles.
The bottles collected are sent to collective sorting centers where they are transformed into pellets. These granules go back into the industrial circuit to be transformed, either into new bottles, or into objects or fabrics.

In the field of textiles it is called recycled polyester. We have used it in all our interior linings since the launch of Ashoka Paris and it is found in the faux suede we use for the Mia range and the Oxymore line.

Our recycled polyester is labeled Global Recycled Standard (GRS). This label not only certifies the recycled content of a product, but also verifies compliance with environmental and social criteria. GRS labeled products guarantee at least 50% recycled material. For example, the micro suede of our Mia bag contains 61% recycled polyester.

The future is promising, innovative materials will emerge and we intend to be there to offer you ever more beautiful eco-responsible and respectful items, people, animals and the planet 🌍