ASHOKA Paris launched a capsule collection of small goods designed with Mylo™️, a leather alternative made from mycelium. This milestone follows five years of ASHOKA Paris developing bags and accessories made from eco-responsible and vegan materials, including Apple Skin, recycled imitation suede, and recycled plastic bottles. 

The Mylo™️ x ASHOKA Paris capsule collection was handmade in Portugal using Mylo™️, an innovative material made from mycelium — the underground root-like structure of mushrooms.

Created by Bolt Threads, a Californian material solutions company, Mylo™ has undergone over 5,000 iterations to achieve a lower impact material that meets the aesthetic and performance standards required to manufacture high-quality products.

The mycelium used to make Mylo™ is grown in less than two weeks inside a vertical farming facility powered by 100% renewable electricity, and has a unique microstructure that gives the material a supple warmth that is missing from many synthetic or cellulosic leather alternatives. ASHOKA Paris is proud to be the first French brand to offer products made with this bio-based vegan alternative to leather.

“As a vegan fashion brand, we have always worked with leather alternatives. Mylo is a testament to innovation within this category. Not only is it biobased, making it better for the planet, but its strength and soft handfeel are remarkable.”

         - Frédéric Vergoz, CEO and Co-Founder of Ashoka Paris

The Portuguese workshop where these wallets were created, located about 20 kilometers from Porto, guarantees impeccable and ethical craftsmanship. The items are handmade by skilled artisans for a finely-detailed finish.

“It has been deeply rewarding to partner with a brand that has demonstrated a commitment to working with not only animal-free alternatives, but also high quality materials that blend the edges of technology and fashion for a better product.”

         - Dan Widmaier, CEO and Co-Founder of Bolt Threads


The card holders are available in three styles and five finishes: Electric Blue, Fuchsia, Orange, Neon Yellow, and White. They can hold the new driving license and two large pockets, one of which zips, can hold the older version of the French ID card.


An ethical and ecological fashion brand

Since its creation in 2018, Ashoka has continued to grow.

The brand's items are imagined and then manufactured with meticulous care.

At ASHOKA Paris, our offer is differentiated by its quality and its design. To design this collection, we have once again called on designer David Mateo to challenge the entire creative process.

We are constantly testing innovative materials, so that each purchase is not only a love at first sight, but also a lasting act.

ASHOKA Paris is inspired by the codes of French luxury and offers original designs.

A limited edition

ASHOKA Paris is delighted to launch this collection, which is in line with the movement towards cruelty-free and environmentally friendly fashion.

In order to make sustainable innovation accessible, ASHOKA Paris is offering the card holders at prices ranging from 75 to 110 euros.

The collection is available in limited edition on the ASHOKA Paris website.