Luxury vegan bags

ASHOKA Paris is new French luxury, ethical and vegan leather goods brand.

Ashoka brand bags and accessories are manufactured from non-animal origin materials.

Our bags and accessories are designed principally for men and women who care about animal suffering and who want a more ethical world.

ASHOKA Paris is a committed brand which supports the cause of animals and will give a share of its profits to associations which defend animal rights.

ASHOKA, an authentic brand

The brand's name is inspired by the story of Emperor Ashoka.

Ashoka was the greatest emperor of ancient India and the first vegetarian emperor. The horrors he experienced during war and conquest opened his eyes to the terrors of warfare and the value of life.

"No animal must be given to another to be eaten. "

During his reign, he decided to stop killing animals on his lands. He saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of animals which up until then had been killed on a daily basis for their meat.

By taking care of people and animals, he changed the attitudes of his time. Today, Ashoka is considered as the father of vegetarianism in India and around the world.

"I've loved animals since I was a child, so when I became a vegetarian I felt that the right thing to do was to stop wearing leather.

I started looking for beautiful vegan bags, but I soon had to accept that it was hard to find refined and modern pieces, made from fine materials. This meant that there was a challenge to be met with passion!

Ashoka was born from the desire to combine style and quality without compromising my beliefs. "


We have chosen to work with an innovative material whose appearance and quality are similar to very fine leather.

These materials may come from the traditional petrochemical industry (polyurethane), or in the near future from nature, with materials such as pinatex, MuSkin or grape leather.

As we currently have no in-depth knowledge of how these natural materials will behave, both in terms of their resistance and their longevity, we have chosen to work with materials which have already proven their worth.

The vegan eco nappa we now use comes from the Milan region. It is a material which is more respectful of the environment than leather. Each bag comes with a product sheet that details its composition.

The factory where our vegan eco nappa is produced respects REACH environmental standards.

The S18 Collection

Our first collection is available in 2 Paris-inspired lines. These lines combine elegance and modernity. We are targeting demanding men and women who love fine bags but who care about the planet.

OXYMORE: A line with bags and accessories, made from two alcantara-type synthetic materials, eco nappa (faux leather) and micro-suede (microfibre).

ULTRA: A line which does not make any reference to animal materials (fake leather, fake deerskin, etc.). The materials will be plant-based, such as thick cotton, velvet or waxed canvas or even pinatex.

We use flat coloured or clear rutenio finish flat brass chains.

Our priority is not to produce everything in France, as we want to apply a reasonable price for optimum quality. This is why we have chosen to produce either in France or Thailand, depending on the models.

Our factory in Thailand has real leather goods know-how, which it has acquired over nearly half a century. It is also committed to respecting very strict social standards. The partnership which binds us guarantees complete commitment, from prototyping of our collections to finish and quality control for each model.

For our made in France products, the workshops with which we work are based in the Ille-et-Vilaine region in Brittany and in central France. They set their traditional skills to work on behalf of an ethical and modern philosophy.

Although Ashoka is a luxury brand it is no less committed.

We want to give a share of our profits to associations involved in defending animals.