Why have a sale?

Being aware of the importance of preserving the environment and promoting responsible consumption, we have always favored small productions and avoided following seasonal trends. At the same time, so as not to be caught in the frantic race for novelty but also, always favoring unique designs and quality.

Over the past five years, Ashoka Paris has experienced constant development, gaining a great reputation thanks in particular to our PETA Fashion Awards and our collaboration with Pamela Anderson. However, the COVID-19 pandemic slowed us down and we encountered our first difficulties.

Once this pandemic was behind us, we slowly diversified our activity and launched new productions.

Unfortunately, the global situation has led to inflation and a decrease in sales.

We have therefore taken pragmatic decisions to deal with the crisis. The introduction of sales and promotions, on all collections or almost, aims to allow us to move forward and to be able to launch new productions.

We recognize that this decision may seem at odds with our eco-responsible values. However, we are convinced that by adapting to current circumstances, we can continue to promote our commitment to animals, people and the planet in the long term. And we will continue to implement sustainable practices and seek innovative solutions.

We thank you for your support and loyalty ❤️

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